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Pietro Marangon, Director
Industrial Engineer, computer sciences and marketing graduate
10 years of experience in IT networks
Over 15 years in sales including export
Trilingual French, English, Italian with notions in Dutch
Specialized in commercial and IT B2B
Creator of distribution networks and agency / distributor management
Team Web Design: specialists in ‘modern computing’
Young team, dynamic and experts in electronic “new IT technologies”

Team Action: experts in market prospecting, offering their knowledge and established sales network to assist your company to enter the export market

After many years of serving different companies, creating and managing export sales markets, (years during which our experts opened new markets, significantly improved the sales and profitability of these companies, launched new products and created sales support and promotional literature relevant to such expansion and its management), we have decided to create our own company dedicated to your assistance in launching your products or ideas in your targeted export markets.

The huge experience we have in hardware and software management is available to you in order to take care of your IT organisation or to create your own promotional literature. Our technical assistance will solve any of your concerns and will recommend and set up suitable new IT equipment, as well as provide assistance with current equipment issues.

Our Slogan: Your Success